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impressive--not just organic, free range meats but WILD stuff too: ostrich, deer, elk, and bison! Some frozen, some fresh, most marinated :) free parking in front, in this busy Blundell Plaza. No need to go back to Vancouver for this good stuff.

I've been in twice and purchased a Leg of Lamb each time. I'm a home cook mostly. But the selection here is unmatched in Richmond from what I can see. Should the hankering for a Kangaroo Burger strike you - this is the place to go. Friendly service from behind the counter and reasonable prices. Nestled next to a produce shop and a bakery, it's a good little one stop shop butcher.

There is no other place in Richmond like Amron's. All of the meat is organic; even the marinates he uses are organic and dairy-free. You can find the usual chicken, beef, and lamb, or the exotic stuff like bison and ostrich. I am so glad I found a place like this in Richmond, no need to travel anywhere, such as Vancouver, to find tandoori meat. This is my go to place for any selection of meat!

Fabulous businessman ship. selling great quality meat for a decent price. Love the support of some local farms. The meat is well marinated or great on its own. Have not tried anything I have not enjoyed. Integrity and honesty "meats" quality! May your business continue to flourish.

I live in Vancouver so this is a bit of a drive for me (40 mins to and back) but this is hands down the best meat shop I have ever bought from. Wide selection of meats (marinaded or not, frozen or fresh, etc), reasonable prices, and friendly staff. To be honest I cannot tell between organic or not, but i have always been happy with the quality here. The marinades also claim to be dairy free but I recall asking about what goes into the tandoori chicken and the staff said cream. I always come back for the marinaded chicken and bison. I have no complaints. Just wish I can come more often.

Always friendly, courteous. Excellent selection. Always have what we want and more.

Excellent place for your meats. Helpfull and friendly. Our first choice when it comes to meats or poultry. Even the sausages are perfect. Try it out you won't be disappointed

Love this place! The freshest, best, most delicious meat around. Try the lemon mint chicken and the lamb curry. Amazing! You'll never go anywhere else.

Great free range options, tasty marinades and excellent customer service.

We have been regular customers at Amron's for over 6 years andwe have NEVER been disappointed in any aspect EVER! The quality of the meats and butchering is bar none exceptional...the prices are really great and you definitely can't find better flavor! He handmakes ground chicken kabobs that you would die for ater the first taste of! We call them Chicken KaBombs! Da bomb for sure. The turkey cranberry sausages are fabulous! He gave us a sample of Mango chutney he sell the reipe for milion$. The samosas, ginger garlic chicken and now coconut curry cicken are the faves in our house too! We could go on for days, it's just THAT GOOD!!! GO...BUY....and I promise you won't want meat from anywhere else. Try his Prime Rib burgers he makes too! Tell Gary... Mel sent ya! I even handout his business cards too!

I have never recommend a business before, I usually couldn't care less. But Amron's Gourmet Meats LTD is by far the best store I've ever been to for meat. They have a huge selection of different free range meats, pretty much anything you could want including sausages and marinates which are my personal favorite. The selection and quality is second to none. But the best part is the prices, I regularly walk out of there with over a months worth of premium gourmet meat for 50$. ... See More

Free range boneless breast yummy Also mango chutney

try there lamb kabab yummy

A friend told me to try Amron's back in October, I was looking for a fresh local free range turkey, for the first time in my life. The service was amazing, the owners personality and knowledge is amazing! The meats are all local, fresh and organic. He makes all the sauces himself without sugar and flour. This is the only place I will go to now to buy my meats and new tastes for me and my family. I've referred so many friends here and they absolutely love it as well!

lemon chicken is best all time

deer burgers

ready made lamb curry must buy

We can highly recommend Amron’s meats for great quality, taste and selection. Now that BBQ season has started the burgers are delicious as well as all the free range chicken in all the many marinades. Terrific service, Gary is always ready to suggest his new products to try. This is a real gem to experience in Richmond, great service, meat, and super delicious!!!

I don't even bother to buy my meat anywhere other than Amron's. Even better price than Costco and the quality has NEVER disappointed me. Also, they have a big selection of marinated products and gourmet meats that you will not find any where else...

This is an exceptional place for buying meat, the quality and flavour is excellent and the customer service is wonderful. I highly recommended this place.

I recommend Amron's Meats to everyone looking for fresh, fabulous free range chicken! Gary offers first class service and is always so helpful. Believe me I am a fussy shopper and this place is the best in Richmond!

Samosa and Mango Chutney Soo yummy

Great store with innovative product offerings. Gary was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would recommend this shop to everyone.

Bison elk burgers are Soo good

Lemon mint thighs very delicious ????

Shop here regularly for high quality and great service...first time buying crunchy chicken thighs tonight, we could not stop raving about flavour and texture. Fabulous,and always A-1 quality!

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